At Formby Forensics, our expertise in personal injury cases often leads to clients seeking our valuable second opinions on Earnings Loss Quantum.  In these instances we conduct a thorough initial review of the evidence and provide timely preliminary advice, which can be followed up with a comprehensive CPR Part 35 report, if necessary.

We provide valuable assistance in cases where a claim can greatly benefit from solid expert evidence, grounded in a realistic understanding of Loss Quantum. Our expertise extends to serving both claimants and defendants alike.

Quantum second opinions can play an important role in various scenarios, including cases where:

  • A panel adviser has been used but the claim has not settled;
  • There is a need for a balanced expert witness opinion;
  • The magnitude of the claim has grown significantly;
  • There is simply a need for a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

A Compelling Case Study On The Power Of Second Opinions

Thinking back to one of my largest second opinion case: an insurer facing not just one, but three interconnected claims involving a family business. Among these claims were two fatalities and one injury, making it an intricate web of complexity.

We took over from the expert adviser to unravel the layers of this complex case (total claim over £10M), producing a robust CPR Part 35 Expert Witness report addressing the business-related losses, used  to settle all three claims –at a Joint Settlement Meeting.

Enhancing Your Case: Expert Second Opinions For All Quantum Levels

We are frequently asked to look at more modest levels of earnings losses too. In some instances, there’s no expert adviser involved, and in others, the incumbent expert’s valuation seems to have gone awry. Invariably the claimant client has been left feeling dissatisfied with the proposed loss quantum. But this is where we can shine with an expert second opinion.

Armed with all the currently available evidence, we get to work to providing insightful written preliminary advice invariable with a swift turnaround. This ensures that the instructing party has all the essential information to make informed decisions on how to proceed with the claim and or whether to accept a settlement.

A Fresh Perspective May Just Be The Edge Your Case Need

Whether you represent the claimant or the defendant, equipping your case with robust Loss Quantum advice and a comprehensive CPR Part 35 Expert Witness report can make all the difference. These vital tools will guide you towards the right outcome and even expedite the settlement process.

At Formby Forensics, we firmly believe in tailor-made solutions. Our BESPOKE, INDEPENDENT, FORENSIC ACCOUNTING services are backed by over 30 years of experience. If you’re handling a claim that could benefit from a fresh perspective, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s discuss the details, and together, we’ll explore how our expertise can make a difference for your client.

Richard Formby FCA MAE

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