Formby Forensic Services, a specialist firm of Quantum Chartered Accountants who diligently deliver high-quality Expert Witness and Expert Advisory services

We help you navigate the intricate complexities of loss quantum, in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Commercial Litigation






Richard Formby FCA MAE, a highly experienced Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness, founded Formby Forensics, to provide litigation support services that combine technical excellence with a uniquely responsive and approachable style. 




With Formby Forensics, the quantum case is in safe hands. Expertly handled at all stages with dedicated attention, unwavering energy, relentless commitment and professional rigour.




Technical Excellence

Over 30 years experience as an Expert Witness, we produce high quality reports on a range of scenarios


A proactive expert, means prompt attention and turnaround of reports and queries


Always happy to give initial thoughts and advice on evidence and approach to loss quantum

Whether you are advancing or defending a claim, our specialist forensic service complements your dedicated efforts!



We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised, tailored and hands on service. 

Your case will be expertly handled by us from start to finish; receiving our full attention, energy and professional expertise.


We offer our expertise as Expert Witnesses/
Advisers in various claim scenarios including:

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Fatal Accident Dependency

Consequential Loss

Business Interuption

Business Valuation

ADR Support

We advise on and calculate loss quantum in respect of losses involving:

  • Employees – Salary/Benefits/Pensions
  • Business/Career Opportunities –  investigating and modelling 
  • Profits/Earnings for Business Owners; Limited Companies, Partnerships & Soletraders
  • Personal and Occupational Pension Schemes, including Private sector & Public sector, (such as: NHS, Civil Service, Police, Teachers etc) 
  • Losses relating to fatality: Lost Years, Lost Dependancy
  • Business and personal assets
  • Business interruption -lost profits
  • Contract disputes
  • Professional negligence

These are just some of the case industries and professions that we have worked on

Benefits of Engaging Formby Forensics as a Quantum Expert in Your Client's Case

We specialise in navigating complex financial data and identify key factors that contribute to your client’s financial claim. Together, we develop tailored strategies to address these complex losses, that support a fair and just outcome.

Our track record speaks volumes. With extensive experience in high-value personal injury cases, we bring unparalleled expertise to your litigation. Our accurate and reliable financial analysis strengthens your client’s position, giving them the best chance of securing a fair but favourable  outcome.Content

With our expertise in forensic accountancy, we excel at identifying mis-valued aspects of personal injury and clinical negligence cases. We dig deep, unveiling hidden financial factors that contribute to a fair and accurate resolution. Our keen eye for detail strengthens your position, ensuring your client’s financial interests are protected.

We approach every case with energy, positivity, and creative problem-solving. Our ability to analyse and explain complex financial issues with clarity, ensures that the Court has a comprehensive understanding of issues that might affect the outcome of the claim. 

We understand the challenges faced by the injured party and the importance of their well-being. Our empathetic approach extends to working closely with you to create a supportive environment for your client. We adapt our interview process to accommodate their needs, ensuring a comfortable and empowering experience throughout the financial assessment process.Accordion Content

Your client’s case is handled by an expert from start to finish. We rigorously analyse financial details, getting to the heart of the matter and leaving no stone unturned.. By providing comprehensive financial analysis, we equip you with the evidence necessary to support your client’s case effectively.

Our expert reports are clear, concise, and structured to provide invaluable financial insights. We go beyond numbers, translating complex financial information into easily understandable language. These reports not only provide the Court with clear and persuasive evidence but also equip you with the knowledge and evidence needed to make informed decisions and advocate effectively for your client.

Our reputation as a trusted forensic accountancy service among solicitors and barristers is built on recommendations from peers in the legal profession. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, delivering accurate and reliable financial analysis to support your representation of the injured party.




“I take pride in providing personalised and expert support to cases involving complex financial disputes and loss quantum issues. I bring my years of specialised experience to each and every case, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost care and attention.

Whether you need a detailed expert witness report, or simply expert advice to help you navigate complex financial matters, I am here to help.”


Richard has over 30 years experience as a Forensic Accountant, Expert Witness and Adviser on Loss Quantum, Consequential Loss, Valuation and related Litigation & Dispute matters.

Richard’s main workload involves dealing with loss quantum in injury, fatality & clinical negligence claims as well as business disputes & interruption claims, matrimonial finance matters, professional negligence and consequential loss.

He is instructed on behalf of Claimants & Defendants or Jointly.

Fellow of the ICAEW and a practising member of the Academy of Experts.

Experienced at giving evidence in Court (Crown Court, County Court, Mercantile Court and High Court) and in ‘Hot Tubbing’.



We are excited to share that Harriet is now getting more involved with the forensic accountancy side to our business, contributing valuable strengths.

Harriet has experience within accountancy practice, where she supported and advised SMES and Start Ups in their pursuit of growth and investment

As well as in industry; within finance transformation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and technical international accounting, where she has led projects for Fortune 500 organisations and private equity-backed groups.

As well as supporting on the forensic side, Harriet heads up Below The Line Finance, our CFO & Accountancy Services division.

Experience a personalised,  friendly service with Formby Forensics. Delivered with expert precision and a swift turnaround time.



Acting as your agent, as an Expert Adviser, we can prepare calculations & schedules quantifying Loss of Earnings / Profits, Pension & Employment Benefits.

We take the strain out of formulating the financial claim!

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