Facilitating Smooth Evidence Gathering

Interviewing Injured Claimants

We frequently act for both claimant and defendant solicitors, in circumstances where we are required to interact directly with injured claimants. 

We understand the immense challenges and stress claimants can face when discussing the financial impacts of traumatic events, particularly for those experiencing cognitive impairments and/or chronic pain following on from the index events that may hinder their ability to process complex information and respond to detailed questions.

At Formby Forensics we are deeply committed to providing adaptable solutions and offering flexibility. Our approach is designed to ensure a supportive evidence gathering process, accommodating each claimant’s unique needs to help them engage comfortably and effectively and obtain all the relevant insights.

Here are some of the adaptions we provide:

Flexible Scheduling

When there is a need for us to speak directly with claimants to gather evidence, we offer a broad range of meeting times, including evening and weekend options.

We understand the unpredictable nature of injuries and are fully prepared to reschedule appointments at the last minute if necessary. 

Accessible Technology 

We utilise a variety of user-friendly technologies to facilitate meetings. Our options include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Telephone and WhatsApp, providing flexibility in how we connect.

This range of platforms allows claimants to choose the medium that best suits their comfort and technological capabilities.

Segmented Sessions 

To prevent overwhelm and fatigue, especially during discussions that involve complex details, we offer to break down longer conversations into shorter, more focused sessions, providing time for rest.

This ensures that claimants with us can at their own pace.

Trauma-Informed Approach

Understanding the potential affects of trauma, we endeavour to provide a trauma-informed approach to claimant discussions.

Harriet has recently completed certification in Trauma Of Money™, which is compassionate approach that acknowledges, understands, and adapts to the unique challenges that individuals affected by trauma may face in discussing financial matters.

This ethos influences our approach to questioning and facilitation of evidence gathering, ensuring that interactions are conducted effectively with sensitivity, empathy, and respect.

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