In the world of forensic accounting and expert witness services, we believe it’s not just about numbers and reports. It’s about understanding the human side of the equation, especially cases involving personal injury and loss quantum.

At Formby Forensics, our commitment to a personalised and empathetic approach was recently recognised with some heartwarming feedback from an injured party.

A Touching Testimonial

In a recent email exchange, we received a heartfelt message from an injured party who had experienced the challenges of navigating the legal process amidst their injuries. The claimant’s words struck a chord:

Richard – thank you for being so considerate and personable! Dealing with the legal process can be incredibly stressful and frazzling (especially with my injuries). So, in case we don’t speak again, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Tailoring Our Approach

Understanding the struggles that come with post-injury and fatality situations, we take a tailored approach to ensure your client’s comfort and cooperation. This particular claimant found long discussions and meetings overwhelming, so we took steps to alleviate their burden in conjunction with their solicitor. When conducting interviews about complex business and financial matters for our report, we broke down the process into several shorter interview calls. This not only helped us cover all necessary topics but also allowed the claimant to prepare documents ahead of each interview, minimising any strain they might feel from the process as far as possible.

These things matter – we are all human beings – and with the sort of complex personal injury cases we deal with, people can be incredibly fragile.

Human Touch in a Complex Field

At Formby Forensics, our foundation has always been centred on providing a distinct and personalised experience as expert witnesses and advisors. We recognise that in personal injury cases, whether we’re working on behalf of the Claimant, Defendant, or jointly, the human element is just as important as the technical aspects. Our commitment to understanding the unique circumstances of each case helps us tailor our approach to deliver high-quality forensic accountancy services.

No “One Size Fits All

Unlike a “one size fits all” approach, we prioritise tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each case we handle. Our journey began several years ago with the aim of redefining the expert witness experience. This journey continues, driven by the feedback and gratitude of clients like the one we mentioned earlier.

Reach Out to Us

If you haven’t yet experienced our services, or if you’re facing a complex loss quantum situation that requires expert attention, we invite you to reach out. Let’s have a conversation about how we can assist you in your unique circumstances. We genuinely look forward to connecting with you.

Richard Formby FCA MAE